MyGolfSpy Makefield Putters: The Philadelphia Story




In late June of this year, journalist John Barba wrote an article for MyGolfSpy on Makefield Putters. Interviewing Makefield member Nick Biglasco, the article highlights the origin story of Makefield Putters and what sets Makefield Putters apart from other putters:

“‘Everett has an adult autistic son who requires round-the-clock care,” says Biglasco. With all the COVID restrictions, his caretaker couldn’t come into the house so he’d leave work at noon every day to help his wife care for his son.’

While caring for his son was paramount, COVID did leave Farr’s nonstop brain with some idle downtime. He put it to use by watching YouTube videos on golf technology, putters in particular.

‘What he came to realize is there’s a big deficiency in putter technology. He started to come up with ideas on how he could implement better technology in a putter head to improve ball roll, reduce skid and help some of the other factors you’re looking for to improve putting.’”

Biglasco goes on to detail the remarkable engineering of a Makefield Putter:

“’By elevating the center of gravity to the center of the club head, the center of gravity of the club head is now meeting the center of gravity of the ball,” says Biglasco. ‘When you have those forces meeting equally, it’s going to increase forward roll.’”

Check out the rest of MyGolfSpy article here!

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