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My name is Everett Farr, and I am one of the founders of Makefield Putters. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, I started leaving work early every day to help my wife with my adult autistic son. As everything was in lockdown, my son’s aid could not come to our house to work with and help him. During this newfound time spent at home, I became all too familiar with watching a lot of YouTube videos to pass the time. Most of what I watched were engineering and construction videos, but I also became fascinated with putter reviews and promotional videos.

At the age of eleven, I started golfing because of my dad; a true lover of the game, he was also a PGA Rules Official. I had grown up watching putters evolve from the good ‘ole days when Ping started selling their illustrious putters. One day in 1968, I finally convinced my dad to get a Ping putter. To this day, I still have this original Ping putter and use it occasionally when playing.  

The more YouTube videos I watched, the more I started listening to some of the concepts and promotional videos. I listened carefully to different companies explain how and why their putter would help you putt better: observing the concepts of placing weight here or there, the balance of the putter, how this putter spins, how this one helps you better align, or how this one’s shaft creates a forward press from the start. I discovered numerous valuable concepts and theories throughout the videos, but as a lifelong golfer, I found the engineering principles lacking.

In 2020, I partnered with Matthew Fuchs to create Lehdrex, an engineering company that designs and develops new products to take to market. Through Lehdrex and our specialization in 3D computer modeling and fabrication, I already had a significant head start to implement my engineering concepts to create a great putter.

A putter propels a ball on a path. This path is dictated by the putter’s positioning and face alignment in striking the ball. I started visualizing the unique concept of perpendicular weights attached to the face of the putter that would promote face stability while also forcing the putter’s face to stay straight and square. I knew I needed to create density in the face so that the ball would progress to a forward roll as fast as mechanically possible. Electronic testing of Lehdrex’s initial design revealed an outstanding performance, with our putter starting to roll forward immediately. More than a year was spent constantly testing the lie angle, putter face alignment, shaft bending, and weight adjustments to ensure we created the best putter possible. Michael Little, a multiple Philadelphia Section of the PGA ‘Player of the Year,’ joined our team after trying the prototype of the first putter. His input and expertise as an accomplished professional golfer have been invaluable.

The name Makefield Putters is close to my heart; my son likes to go for daily car rides throughout Bucks County, Pennsylvania. On one of our trips, I was going through various permutations with my wife of what I wanted to name the putter company, and every idea had failed for one reason or another. As we were driving along the Delaware River, we both spotted a sign for Lower Makefield, a township in the County. We both, almost serendipitously, said “Makefield” at the same time. I said, “‘make’ is what a putter is designed to do and ‘field’ is who you play against in a tournament.”

Makefield Putters was instantly born. Our first putter model is the Makefield V-S in honor of Vince Sullivan, my dear friend and mentor who recently passed away. Vince was an extraordinary human being and a remarkable professional golfer and teacher whose legacy will live on in our zest for golfing.

At Makefield Putters, we share an unwavering commitment to the quality and performance of our putters. From one golfer to another, I know you will love golfing with the Makefield difference. 


In Memory of Vince Sullivan

Vince was raised in the Staten Island area of New York City. He started playing golf in his early teens, staying out on public courses well past sunset. His successes began early when he won the Staten Island Junior Golf Tournament. In the early 1960s, after finishing his military service in Asia, Vince then became a golf professional and qualified for the PGA Tour. As the story goes, Vince purchased a big new Chrysler and prepared for his west coast trip to start the tour. As he was pulling out of his driveway in New Jersey with a snow-covered lawn, his wife Monica waved goodbye with their newborn daughter in her arms. Vince pulled out to the end of the driveway, looked at them, and said to himself, “I’m crazy to leave them.”  He pulled back into the driveway and instantly ended his full-time tour ambitions.

Thereafter, Vince became a club pro and teacher; even with his part-time tournament playing, he managed to be ranked 307th in the world in the 1960s. Vince was a one-of-a-kind player and teacher, but golf was the least of his qualifying attributes. Vince was kind to a fault, loving his family so much and always proud of them.

At Vince’s funeral, the priest spoke of how Vince was given a live lobster once as a gift. A large lobster. Instead of eating it, Vince drove over 150 miles roundtrip to release the lobster into the ocean because he couldn’t bear to see it die. People laughed when the story was told, but I smiled; I smiled because I remembered when he did it. Vince did things like this all the time.

When the Senior Tour started, many of Vince’s old golf friends were on the tour.  I first-handedly saw those many friends plead with him to join them. Vince always said he couldn’t because he and his wife Monica would go for rides every Sunday, and if he were playing, they wouldn’t be able to do that.

Vince was my friend and mentor, an incredible golf talent, but more than that… an incredible person.

The Makefield V-S Putter is named in memory of Vince Sullivan

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