The Importance of a Custom Makefield Putter Fitting




At Makefield Putters, we believe that every golfer should get fitted for a putter just like they would with every other club in their bag. A custom-fit Makefield putter will improve your putter’s launch angle, forward spin, clubface position, and centeredness of contact. Putting is all about speed control, direction, and ball roll… our putter will help you improve in all three! The fitting will provide key insights into our Center Shafted and Heel Shafted putters, as well as lengths, lie angles, and grip variants you will need for optimal performance on the golf course. At Makefield Putters, we select our fitting accounts based on the fitter’s qualifications. You will be fit by an expert who has years of experience working with all types of golfers. All of our fitters work with the latest technology, including Quintic Ball Roll, Foresight Sports, Blast Motion, and Sam Putt Lab. 

Our fitters are skillfully trained on our X-3 Weight System and can fully customize your putter to match your stroke. Changing the weights will influence swing weight, overall weight, and the location of the center of gravity. During your personalized fitting, our experts will go over the benefits of our X-3 weight system and how it will help improve your game.

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