Garsen Grips

Garsen Grips feature the most substantial innovation of putter grip technology in 100 years.




Makefield Putters engineers designed the V-S Putter to be The Last Putter You Will Ever Need.  But they never said you couldn’t have your cake and eat it too! Upgrading your Putter’s grip to a Garsen is a great way to realize the full potential of the V-S Putter all round long.

“Garsen Grips feature the most substantial innovation of Putter technology in 100 years.” The key innovation of the Garsen Grip is the 45 degree rotation of the front of the grip. The rotation of the grip provides an angled surface area that matches a golfer’s grip perfectly to the Putter.

Garsen Grips come in a variety of stylish colors, lengths and four main categories to choose from:

“The Garsen MAX grip features the most substantial innovation in putter grip technology in the history of golf. By using a square grip with a 45% rotation, the “front” of the grip now becomes an angled area perfectly fitting the players’ grip and creating a much more biomechanically efficient position for the putting stroke. This simple, yet highly effective, grip innovation is the fastest way to immediately improve your putting.”

“The Garsen Ultimate grip brings the innovation of side facing thumb position to a full size, comfortable, and slightly less exaggerated feel. This grip is a great way to gain all the biomechanical advantages to your putting stroke while maintaining a more traditional overall feel to the grip.
Unlike a traditional putter grip, the ULTIMATE has three flat sides. Like the original G-Pro design it allows you to place your hands in a position so the palms face each other and the wrists are in a neutral position.”

Quad Tour
“The Garsen Quad Tour line features a unique parallelogram design fitting perfectly into most traditional golf grips. The Quad Tour also works great for claw, and saw style putting grips. With a flat topline and bottom, players can easy square up the putter face with complete consistency every time. The QUAD TOUR grip gives you the benefits of the EDGE and MAX but places your hands in a traditional position.”

“The Garsen Golf “EDGE” Putter Grip is the first putter grip with a revolutionary, patented, two-sided design. Unlike a traditional putter grip, the EDGE places your hands in a position so the palms face each other and the wrists are in a neutral position. It turns your elbows into your body and sets your shoulders back. This relieves arm and shoulder tension, inhibits wrist action, which takes “the hands out of the putting” and promotes shoulder rotation, creating a solid putting stroke, which will give you a one-piece feel, leading to a more consistent stroke.”

With over 50 combined wins on the PGA, LPGA, and European Tours, Garsen Grips is Makefield’s #1 choice for upgrading your putter grip. Click here to visit the Garsen Golf website and learn more about golf’s latest innovation in grip technology.

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