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"Golf is a game of skill and the most important skill is contact"



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Making an impact is only half the battle. The other half is analysis and adjustment. Impact Powder allows golfers to achieve impact, analyze the results, and make adjustments in real time. Impact Powder Brand Ambassador and golfing instructor at the DiJulia Golf Academy in New Hope, PA– Dom DuJlila, believes that “golf is a game of skill and the most important skill is contact”. At Makefield Putters, we couldn’t agree more.

In contrast to most modern day putters, Makefield‘s adjustable-weight technology naturally permits the face of the putter to make contact with the ball at a multitude of angles. Making the switch from impact tape to Impact Powder allowed Makefield engineers to persistently test and improve upon the design of the V-S Putter in a less sticky and more cost efficient manner than traditional methods.

Impact Powder can be applied quickly to any club face. Whether you’re on the driving range, receiving instruction, or teeing it up on the course, now you can get the feedback you need instantly and improve your game as you play.

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