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John Maginnes Sirius XM

John Maginnes Endorses Makefield Putters

I have tested, tried, and examined the Makefield putter in every way possible. It truly is the finest putter product I have ever touched. Makefield’s unique ball roll off the putter face can improve the putting of any golfer at any level. It is now the only putter in my bag. I can’t wait to tell my listeners about it,”

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Makefield Makes The G.A.P.

“Within a day we were on the Golf Channel. Within two days, we were on the Sports Illustrated website. The PGA voted us the No. 1 new club technology for the show. We just kept clawing away.”

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golf ball path of inertia pendulum

Path Of Inertia

Path of Inertia naturally guides your stroke, balances the clubface to the path, and provides centeredness of impact to produce an immediate, consistent roll that lowers your golf scores.

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