Makefield Putters Partners With The Philadelphia PGA Section

makefield pga philadelphia section partnership 2022.
"The Philadelphia PGA is excited to partner with Makefield Putters,” said Section Executive Director Geoff Surrette, PGA.



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Nationwide, the PGA of America is comprised of nearly 29,000 PGA Professionals spread out amongst 41 sections. Within the Philadephia PGA Section, 900 of these PGA Professionals are proudly dedicated to maintaining over 100,000 club members and 2 million rounds of golf across Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, and the state of Delaware each year.

The Philadelphia PGA Section has roots stemming back decades before the PGA of America was founded in 1916. Giving rise to notable golfers such as Johnny McDermott, successfully facilitating the area’s biggest tournaments, and 100+ years of having a positive impact within the Golf community makes the Philadelphia PGA Section the area’s oldest and most trusted Golfing authority. The proximity of Makefield Putters’ production facility in Bensalem, PA combined with the ever-growing demand by amateur golfers & PGA Professionals to put the V-S Putter into play has put into motion a partnership between Makefield Putters and the PGA Philadelphia Section that will undoubtedly shake-up the golfing landscape near and far in the very near future. To kick off the partnership, Makefield Putters will be sponsoring the upcoming Philadelphia Players Championship at Lookaway Golf Club on Monday, August 1st, 2022 where you can catch Makefield’s Trevor Bensel defend his 2021 Championship title. If you would like to get involved or learn more about the Philadelphia PGA Section, visit:

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