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Thank you for purchasing Your Makefield V-s Putter

Welcome to the Makefield Putters Family

A Note from the Founders

Thank you for purchasing a Makefield Putter. At Makefield Putters, we share an unwavering commitment to the quality and performance of our putters. From one golfer to another, I know you will love golfing with the Makefield difference.


Makefield V-S User Manual

Removing Weights:

Each putter comes with a wrench to remove the three screws from the back of the putter head.

To remove the screws, make sure your wrench is completely inserted into the screw and rotate counterclockwise. A washer and three weights will come out by tipping the head over; be sure to use a surface that will catch the weights as they come out.

Installing Weights:

Pick your desired weight location in the weight ports and place the weights back in one at a time. Once your weights and washer are back in, put the screw back in and tighten it with your fingers (before using the tool) to ensure it is straight. The screw should not be tough to tighten until it reaches the bottom of the threads (all screws are tested before shipping). If the screw is tight, unscrew and try again because that means it went in crooked. Once you get the screw to the bottom, use your wrench to tighten. Make sure you put the wrench into the screw straight, and it goes all the way in. To tighten, turn the wrench clockwise. Do not overtighten. Once the screw stops moving, it is tight enough, and the lock washer will set.

Weight Kit:

If you did not purchase a weight kit, you will have 5 weights of Tungsten and 4 weights of Aluminum standard in your putter. If you purchased a weight kit, you will have a total of 9 weights of each. Your weight kit allows you to change your weights from 22.5 – 135 grams and move the weight 45 total grams from the face to the back and from the heel to the toe.

Each Putter comes standard in the Neutral setting with:

  • Five Tungsten – 15 grams each
  • Four Aluminum – 2.5 grams each

Each Weight Kit comes with:

  • Four Tungsten – 15 grams each
  • Nine Stainless Steel – 7 grams each
  • Five Aluminum – 2.5 grams each


A headcover is provided to prevent nicks or scratches on your putter head. To keep your putter in the best condition, use your head cover.

Club Head and Grip Cleaning Instructions:

  • Use dish soap and water only
  • Use cotton cloth only
  • Do not use steel wool pads or wire brush

All putter heads and components, other than the grip, are covered under a lifetime warranty. Makefield Putters products are not warranted against damage caused by third parties, scratches, cosmetic blemishes, or other normal wear and tear. Your warranty will be voided if any of the following occurs:

  1. Abuse to the club, such as throwing, slamming on ground, etc.
  2. Left in car with extreme heat or cold temperatures
  3. Modifications or replacement of the club shaft or club head; all clubs are custom-made (do not bend).
  4. Cleaned with steel wool, wire brush, or chemicals other than soap and water. 


All products must be registered here at Makefield Putters to receive your lifetime warranty. Your warranty is nontransferable Your warranty is non transferable.

Returns will be accepted within 15 days of purchase. All returns must still be in the original package, in new/unused condition. If your putter has any customization or personalization, your return will not be accepted. 

We will only accept returns from customers that purchased directly through If you purchased from an independent retail account, please contact them for their return policy. 

For any questions regarding our return policy, please contact us at