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The center or heel shafted and customizable mallet shaped heads of Makefield Putters are 100% CNC milled in the United States from solid pieces of aircraft grade aluminum alloy. Engineered with an adjustable weight system made from high quality Tungsten, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum, our Putters compliment high-handicap and scratch golfers alike. Please take a moment to visit our Putter page to learn more about the technology behind the Makefield Putter.

MakeFit System

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Brand: Makefield Putters
Support: Please visit our contact page to send us your questions about the MakeFIT kit online or give us a call us at (215) 245-5570 for Customer Support.

Introducing the MakeFit Kit

We at Makefield Putters are thrilled to introduce the “MakeFit Kit”! Now you can try our putter and its revolutionary X-3 Weight system on your home turf at your own pace. In a world where two minutes on your phone can have almost anything at your doorstep, Makefield Putters is excited to deliver that same convenience.

What’s in the box?

Your MakeFit Kit is unique to your chosen preferences. It will include two club heads and four shafts with different hosel configurations, lie angles, and grip styles. Also included will be extra weights, washers, wrenches, and screws, so that you can fully investigate and understand the X-3 Weight System. The pictures we send in this Kit will show you a myriad of options for weight configuration. With the many combinations available to Makefield’s screw in technology, you’ll steadily narrow in on what feels right, and what looks right.

Why Putt With a Makefield?

The X-3 Weight System provides a few very potent benefits. The primary benefit is that the channels of weight act as a stabilizing force for the path of your putter. It reduces wobbling and wavering during the stroke. We call it the Path of Inertia. Secondly, the position of the weight system lifts the Center of Gravity which along with our proprietary 1.8 degrees of loft, produces a more driven launch angle while producing forward spin. Finally, the movable weights allow the player to create “biases” which can compensate for asymmetries in the stroke and can weaken undesirable tendencies.

What Do I Do When I am Finished?

Using the MakeFit Fitting Card in the box, record all of the preferences you want as part of your custom built Makefield Putter. Players who order a custom Makefield Putter, have the opportunity to keep their kits until their own Makefield arrives. Kits must be returned within one week of receipt of your custom Makefield. Using the same Makefield box that arrived at your door, replace the contents, apply the provided packing tape to seal the box, and apply the included return shipping label.

What Does the MakeFit Kit Cost?

There is a $20 charge for the MakeFit Kit which immediately turns into a credit toward your purchase price. As always, Makefield offers FREE SHIPPING on all domestic ground shipments.

Please be advised: MakeFit kits not returned within 14 days that are not accompanied with a purchase, will be billed the retail price of a Makefield M Series Putter: $399 plus applicable taxes.

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