29th ING Industry Honors Awards

international network of golf
Makefield Putters is honored to win ING's Product Ingenuity Award at the 2023 PGA Show.



International Network Of Golf Awards

The 29th annual ING Industry Honors Awards were held recently, and it was an exciting event for all golf enthusiasts. The awards ceremony is designed to recognize and celebrate the achievements of the industry’s top innovators, manufacturers, and suppliers. It is a great opportunity for the industry to come together and share ideas, exchange thoughts, and acknowledge the best in golf. Makefield Putters was honored with the Product Ingenuity Award from ING (International Network of Golf) as part of the 29th Annual ING Industry Honors awards program at the 2023 PGA Show . This prestigious award recognizes outstanding achievement in product design and innovation within the golf industry.

Makefield Putters are designed with Radial Cusp Face & Driver Weight technologies. These advancements in putter design allow for smoother and more consistent putting, resulting in a better overall golfing experience.

The Product Ingenuity Award is a testament to Makefield Putters’ commitment to producing high-quality, innovative products that are designed to improve golfers’ games. “Makefield Putters was tops in the Product Ingenuity, Equipment for Market Leaders category. The company employs a physics-first mindset, placing driver-weighted technology in the club. The radial cusp technology in the face really rolls the ball nicely. They are face-balanced and with 3 different weight channels, 3 types of weights, and the capability to put 3 weights in each of the channels there’s an endless number of combinations you can create to make a custom weighted putter.”

In conclusion, Makefield Putters winning the Product Ingenuity Award from ING is a great achievement and a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and quality. The technology built into these putters has set a new standard in the golf industry, and golfers everywhere are sure to benefit from it.

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