About Me

Golf Junkie.  
Fitness Enthusiast.
2020 US Amateur Fourball qualifier.
2020 La Costa Player of the Year. 
2018 Bernardo Heights CC Club Champion.
Personal best 117 mph club head speed (and getting faster).
Titleist Performance Institute Certified, Power 2 and Fitness 2.
Swing Catalyst Level 2 Certified. 
Mach 3 Speed Training Authorized Instructor.
Scott Cowx Certified Instructor.
Golf Fitness X Certified.
SuperSpeed Golf Level 3 Certified.
NASM Certified Personal Trainer.
Craft Beer Lover.
613 Westlake St
Encinitas, CA 92024
A few months before turning 39, I qualified for my first USGA event – the 2020 US Amateur Fourball. My partner and I made it through in a playoff, beating out 2 college players from northeast Ohio for the spot. During the 4 hole playoff, I was able to outdrive both young guns on each hole, and I made the birdie on the 4th playoff hole to qualify. (unfortunately, the event was canceled due to COVID-19).
I share this story because it is the culmination of all the work I’ve put in the past few years on my golf game. This includes my fitness as well as my dedication to increasing my clubhead speed. And let me tell you, the last pieces — golf fitness and increasing clubhead speed — were major factors into my success.
I’m not your typical golf fitness professional — I’m a late bloomer, and ready to share what made me successful with you! I was not into fitness until the past ~4 years…yes, not until in my mid-30’s! But I absolutely love it. I love the challenge, the ability to progress, change things up, and always be learning.
I started playing golf in high school and I was bad. I stayed with the game, and by the time I was in my mid-20’s I was a scratch golfer. But I was streaky, playing a big draw (er, hook) for everything. When my timing was on I was really good. When it was off, I was not good at all.
At about this time I started my corporate career. Hard work in the office, promotions, travel…all of a sudden I was playing maybe once a week. I was traveling a ton and I added pounds. At 5’9″, I had peaked right at 200 lbs in my late 20’s. I tried losing weight by diet…not very successful and could not maintain it.
Entering into my early-to-mid 30’s I started to lose clubhead speed. Combination of not being in shape, sitting in a cubicle in front of the computer, and not any type of consistency in the practice. Something had to change and I found Orange Theory Fitness. It was awesome…seeing my heart rate on the screen allowed me to challenge myself every class. Pretty soon I was going 6 days a week, and thought I was in pretty good shape. I bottomed out at about 140 lbs!
That’s when my clubhead speed peaked at 99 mph! I had always averaged about 105, maybe reaching 108 when everything felt good. Now, 99 is still pretty good — but I was trying to compete against the young kids, and I just wasn’t hitting it far enough. I needed to do something if I wanted to continue to compete in amateur events and club championships.
This is when I met Cody Smith (Owner, CS1 Fit) and he taught me how to train for sports performance. I stopped Orange Theory and committed 100% to my new training. We immediately got to work with improving several different facets from the ground up. Soon my clubhead speed started to get back up and I was back at my 105-108 mph speeds.
And I was hooked. I loved training with a goal — and learning how to train. I started helping Cody build his business and really focused on learning myself. At this time is when I took the plunge, left corporate, and started out on my own.
And now, I’m helping others do what I did….get in better shape, specifically for golf, and increase clubhead speed. I continue to build on my speed using numerous techiques and tools out in the marketplace. I experiment regularly with warmup routines, workouts to help open my hips, increase upper and lower body disassociation, etc. I recently clocked my clubhead speed at 117 mph. I’m not doing anything crazy, I haven’t changed my swing to increase speed — I consistently work on my swing to be more consistent, and mainly work with my swing coach on getting better with my ball striking. We don’t talk too much about speed.
At the start of 2020 I officially started FaustyGolf – Golf Fitness and Speed Training, although in my mind this business has been in my head for years. I am a certified personal trainer (NASM CPT), Power Level 2 and Fitness Level 2 Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified, the first Mach 3 Speed Training Authorized Instructor, the first Golf Fitness X certified coach in Southern California and Level 3 SuperSpeed certified. I’m a lifelong learner, and excited to be able to help people.
And most recently in September of 2021 I opened the FaustyGolf Performance Studio. This studio is the ultimate playground to work on the game. Half gym, half simulator experience that includes GC Quad launch monitor and Swing Catalyst 3D Force Plates. Are you ready to have some fun??
Fausty Golf
Fausty Golf
613 Westlake St
Encinitas California 92024
United States
Email: faustygolf@gmail.com
Url: http://www.faustygolf.com