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The center-shafted and customizable mallet shaped head of the Makefield Putter is 100% CNC milled in the United States from a solid piece of aircraft grade alloy. Engineered with an adjustable weight system made from high quality Tungsten, Steel, and Aluminum metals, the Makefield Putter compliments high-handicap and scratch golfers alike. Please take a moment to visit our Putter page to learn more about the technology behind the Makefield Putter.

MO X3 Weight Kit

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Product Details
Wrench: Qty x 1
Weight Screws: Qty x 3
Compression Washers: Qty x 3
15g Tungsten Weights: Qty x 4
7g Stainless Steel Weights: Qty x 9
2.5g Aluminum Weights: Qty x 5

The Makefield X3 Weight Kit allows you to fully customize your V-S putter. Changing the weights will influence launch conditions, moment of inertia and center of gravity.

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