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Makefield Putters finds its groove in 2022 by making the Top 5 Best Product list from the 2022 PGA Show.



Makefield Putters featured on


This year’s PGA Show was one that will be remembered for the ages. The Orange County Convention Center was rife with excitement as people had an opportunity to move about freely and check out all the latest innovations from the world of Golf. Over 1,000 exhibits were on display featuring everything from a “3D motion analysis studio in the palm of your hand” by Sportsbox AI to a new bag from Zero Friction featuring an integrated wheel system allowing golfers to push, carry, or drive the bag with ease. However, nothing seemed to stand-out to passerby’s like the Makefield Putter. Getting their hands on the putter, feeling the differences in weight setups and learning about the precision engineering that goes into every Makefield Putter seemed to captivate people. In an article from titled “A Week in Orlando: 5 of the Best Products from the 2022 PGA Show”, Keith Stewart takes note of the Makefield Putter:

“Designed, developed, and produced right in Philadelphia the minds behind this new putter company have placed driver weighted technology in a flatstick. With a physics first mindset these putters are built using an airplane grade aluminum alloy. The radial cusp technology in the face really rolls the ball nicely. They are face-balanced and with 3 different weight channels, 3 types of weights, and the capability to put 3 weights in each of the channels there’s an endless number of combinations you can create to make a custom weighted putter.”

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Makefield Putters is honored to receive this recognition by one of the most respected institutions in the world of Golf. The Makefield Putter Team is working hard to make the 2023 PGA Show even better. If you’re interested in learning more about the PGA show, visit: 

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