The 2023 PGA Show

This year’s 70th PGA Show will take place January 24-27 in Orlando, FL.

John Maginnes Endorses Makefield Putters

John Maginnes Sirius XM

I have tested, tried, and examined the Makefield putter in every way possible. It truly is the finest putter product I have ever touched. Makefield’s unique ball roll off the putter face can improve the putting of any golfer at any level. It is now the only putter in my bag. I can’t wait to tell my listeners about it,”

Radial Cusp Face Technology

radial cusp face technology rcft

We needed to have a face technology that allowed the ball to roll sooner off the face, stay straighter and truer on path.

30th Philadelphia Challenge Matches


“The Philadelphia PGA Section is proud to announce that its 12-member team for the 30th Philadelphia Challenge Matches has been finalized.”

Impact Powder

impact powder putter demonstration

“Golf is a game of skill and the most important skill is contact”

Garsen Grips

garsen grips

Garsen Grips feature the most substantial innovation of putter grip technology in 100 years.